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Welcome Food Vendors!

At this event you must be prepared to work in volume with 12,000 to 15,000+ people for the weekend (With good weather). Your wait times for food should not be longer than 30 min per customer. It will be your responsibility to limit your menu at this festival to handle the volume of customers you will be dealing with. 

Running out of food and closing your doors is not an option. If this happens, you will not be welcome back to a future event with Latitude-88, Inc. Please be prepared to work in volume with staff and product. Have a local backup plan to restock if needed. SAMS Club, Walmart, Publix are all within 7 miles of this event. 

This is an Oktoberfest. If you are not an Oktoberfest or German food specific food vendor, you must include at least two items on your menu that are German/Oktoberfest type food. 

You must be licensed in the state of Florida for mobile food service. If you have a hood system, your inspection must be up to date and provide paperwork. You must be able to supply general liability insurance and be able to pass a fire dept inspection. 

Please fill out the food vendor application below and you will be contacted based on availability. We Welcome You! 

Food Vendor Application

Once you submit this application, a member of our staff will consult with you, explain details, pricing, etc, and and get you booked!
(Based on availability)

Florida Oktoberfest - Vero Beach
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