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Florida Oktoberfest Vero Beach

2024 Vendor Village!


Indian River County Fairgrounds

7955 58th Ave Vero Beach, FL 32967

Directions Here 

SAT 11 AM to 10 PM & SUN 11 AM to 6 PM

   If you are an Art & Craft vendor, local or national business or anything in between and you want to be a vendor at this event to enjoy thousands of happy customers over 2 days, you are in the right spot! Latitude-88, Inc. is no stranger to vendor supported community events in Florida. Producing many large Art & Craft events, and music events annually, we understand your needs as vendors. Book with us for the best vendor customer service in Florida. 


Click the image below for an example vendor booth layout

(You will see a hi resolution floor plan within the application)








Booth Fees:

  • 10x10 Inline: $175.00

  • 10x10 Corner (Vend from 2 sides): $200.00

  • $20.00 Multi-Booth Discount for each booth reserved beyond a single 10x10. 

  • Electricity is available in certain islands (Booths) Only, see the floor plan for these booths and it is $30.00 for the weekend. If you want electric, you must select one of the booths designated for electric! We encourage you to bring your own battery operated lights. NO HEATING ELEMENTS ARE ALLOWED WITH PURCHASED ELECTRIC.

  • Generators are not allowed.

  • No RV's allowed to drive on floor plan for load in/out.

  • Need Larger Space? Email or Call us: 772-492-6105.

This Event is Rain or Shine. Please See Our Vendor Refund Policy

Florida Oktoberfest - Vero Beach

We ask you to stay set up until 8 PM Saturday night, at which time you have the choice to close up your booth and enjoy the festival or stay open and continue selling!

Public Hours: SAT 11 AM to 10 PM & SUN 11 AM to 6 PM

(we do ask that vendors stay open until at least 8:00pm on Saturday though you are welcome to stay open until close)

There will be generator light towers illuminating the vendor marketplace aisleways Saturday night. 

​This is a high energy Oktoberfest event where the vendor marketplace is in the middle, surrounding everything!  
  • 120 Exhibitor Booths
  • Multiple Live Music Areas
  • 15,000 Sqft Beer Garden tent in the middle of the Vendor Marketplace!
  • Only $5.00 Public Admission
  • Large Kids Zone 
  • Ridiculously Delicious Foods
  • Ice Cold Adult Beverages PROST!
  • Heavily Advertised as an Oktoberfest with the accompanying vendor marketplace! 
  • Our advertising markets include but not limited to: Newspaper (Multiple when applicable), Cable TV, Multiple Radio Stations, Paid Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, etc...) Local Signage (When allowed), Paid Email Marketing. 
Everyone must have their own pop up canopy tent. There is no color requirement. Your tent should look professional and in good working order. It must be sturdy enough to hold at least 35lbs of weight on each leg of the tent. Typical backyard, tailgating tents are not sturdy enough and often buckle and collapse with significant weight applied to them or any wind. We recommend commercial grade tents.
IMPORTANT* All tents MUST be weighted down after set up to withstand 40 MPH gusts, no exceptions. Tying to your neighbors’ tent to secure yours is not allowed. 1 Gal milk or water jugs are not allowed. An unsecured (No weights) tent is a potential liability if it flies away and hits an event goer or another exhibitor /vendor. Even if you stake in to the ground, you must have sufficient weight on each tent leg to withstand 40 MPH gusts. It is recommended that you have at least 35lbs of weigh on each leg or suspended from each corner of the tent. We will be checking every single tent on throughout set-up to ensure all are secure with a weighting system. If yours is un-secure you will be asked to lower your tent until you can secure it with weights and/or we will do it for you if you have left already, please comply and thank you for adhering to this important tent safety matter. We are saying all this from experience, it’s not fun watching a tent roll through a crowd of people! Remember, you are responsible for what your tent does at an event, i.e injuring people or property. Latitude-88, Inc. assumes no responsibility for your tent causing injury or harm due to your negligence of not securing your tent in the manner discussed above.
Click Here for a good example of tent weights that hold at least 35lbs of weight.

We will be checking every tent on Friday and Saturday morning. If you do not have your tent weighted, you will be advised to go get them at a local store or break down your tent. NO REFUNDS will be given for unsecured tents that are told to break down. 

​IMPORTANT:* We encourage you to obtain vendor liability insurance for your products and equipment while at this event but it is not required. Note: Latitude-88, Inc. is not responsible for loss of vendor products or equipment and does not provide liability insurance to cover your products and equipment. For example, If weather damages or destroys your products or equipment, your own event liability insurance can help you recover. Here is an example option for vendor liability insurance:
*VERY IMPORTANT* We make every effort to assign you to your booth of choice but show management reserves the right to change your booth location for the benefit of field plan logistics. Reasons you might not get the booth you requested: Similar product vendor near your choice, booth availability at time of booking. 
Please note the event is rain or shine and refunds are not given if you leave due to weather or any other reason not approved by show management. Click Here for our refund policy. We will not call an event due to rain in the forecast as these things change constantly. 
*VERY IMPORTANT* Note: If you leave early or are a no-call-no show, you will not be welcome back to any of our events in the future. Thanks for your understanding.

We are full for the following categories and not approving applications with these items: Jewelry, Soaps, Lotions, creams, beauty products, resin art, resin products, fishing/SPF apparel, Tumblers, ALL food & cottage food type vendors

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