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The Music at the Vero Beach Oktoberfest is a focal point of entertainment! 

    The BIG beer garden tent will have incredibly fun and talented Oktoberfest party bands all day and night! Outside of the beer garden you will find other live music positioned around the party!

Florida Oktoberfest - Vero Beach

Ida Mann & die Haus Band!

In the 15,000 Sqft Beer Garden Tent!

This fun band brings their lively songs, light hearted lyrics and like-ability, bring the spirit of Gemütlichkeit to any event. They play polka at its “Fest” and put the“Ooh” in Oompa. Ida and her boys play all the polka hits and sing-alongs to accompany your bier drinking fun! Beginning 12 Noon Saturday and Sunday!

Florida Oktoberfest - Vero Beach


Coming from Nashville, TN to entertain the Vero Beach Oktoberfest! See them near the big dining tent Sat evening/night and all day Sunday! 


The “Würst Band in Music City”?! That’s what you get when you combine the misfit instruments of the musical world … accordion, banjo, tuba, and clarinet. Throw in just enough saxophone, trumpet, percussion, Irish whistle, guitar, kazoo, recorder, drums, and vocals to make things interesting!

We may be the Würst, but you’ll have the BEST time being entertained by Good Bellows.

Florida Oktoberfest - Vero Beach

Alex Meixner and Band!

In the 15,000 Sqft Beer Garden Tent!

Coming from Texas to ramp up the party!

Alex is a high energy crowd pleaser at any Oktoberfest around the world and he will rock the Beer Garden at the Vero Beach Oktoberfest 2024! 

Alex Meixner is one of the most dynamic accordionists on the scene today. Meixner has performed around the world, notably at American festivals like The National Folk Festival and Central Park SummerStage, as well as at uncountable community celebrations and accordion-centric events. His virtuosic yet delightfully quirky style has made him a sought-after collaborator.


Alex's shows mix all of these musical styles into the exuberant Central European party music that’s family tradition, letting die-hard polka fans to enjoy and embrace the evolutions and letting the hipsters discover all there is to love in the underappreciated, innately fun genre. Beginning 5:00 PM Saturday and 2:20 PM Sunday!




The Treasure Coast's Own Oktoberfest Polka band! See them performing traditional Oktoberfest party favorites by the big dining tent beginning 12 Noon on Saturday! 

Vero Beach Oktoberfest - Floridda Oktoberfest
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